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The CREA Dance experience is a platform for training, creation and cultural dynamization in the field of artistic well-being whose aim is to articulate and mobilize its projects throughout the

For the CREA Dance group there is a deep respect for the arts, particularly in dance with its transformative, creative and healing possibilities for the human soul, which have inspired the development of projects that intervene positively in the growth of the human being at all levels.

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CREA beLight Foundation is a private non-profit organization aimed at promoting the research, dissemination, promotion and development of international social and artistic welfare programs.

CREA Dance Academy is a recognized dance academy that offers advanced, rigorous, personalized and high quality training in the disciplines of classical, contemporary, jazz (hip-hop, funky), flamenco and ballroom dancing.

This program stands on two fundamental pillars. First, offering a dynamic curriculum which guarantees practical training and collaboration with professional and international companies, and secondly takes part working with ReCrea Dance Company.

Recrea Dance Company has a classical and contemporary repertoire which is nourished by the practice of the CREA method and universal artistic diversity. It is formed by dancers from different parts of the world who fuse, elevate and project the benefits of art and its transformative, creative and healing possibilities for the human soul.

The CREA Method is a dynamic method of meditation whose objective is to bring each person physical, mental and emotional well-being through exercises of body awareness, various artistic languages and techniques of interiorization.

Group Crea Dance in Barcelona

Barcelona is and always has been a city of constant exchange. Its rich multicultural society seems to reflect its border on vast open sea.

In this same way, diverse artistic and cultural expressions find an ideal place to flow, develop and expand creation with inspiration fed by the sun, history, idiosyncrasy, diversity of races and its festive spirit. This port city offers a merging of lively experiences and universal creations.

Thusly it is important that Barcelona nurture this privileged position and invest in the formation of artists capable of

carving a professional path formed by this DNA of the deep Mediterranean.

In this sense the CREA Dance Group intends to provide tools and spaces for the construction of a permanent platform for research, artistic expression and international cultural exchange, as well as ensuring the dignity of the various artistic professions.

Team Crea Dance Platform

Lourdes de Pascual

General Manager and creator of Crea Method

Ismael Gil


Esmeralda Maycas

International Dance Program

María Rovira


Ana María Carulla

Creator of Crea Method

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